Our equestrian facilities boast high-quality arenas and footing options designed to ensure optimal performance. We have a range of arenas available, including a state-of-the-art GGT arena, a covered arena, a sand arena, and a lush grass arena. Each arena is meticulously maintained to provide excellent footing conditions. Regular watering ensures that the footing remains responsive and dust-free, while the arenas are consistently dragged to remove silt and maintain a smooth and level surface. These dedicated efforts contribute to creating an environment where both riders and horses can excel, offering an exceptional equestrian experience.


GGT footing, also known as German Geo Textile, is a premium footing material commonly used in equestrian arenas. It is a blend of high-quality sand and specialized textile fibers, carefully engineered to create an optimal surface for horses. GGT footing offers excellent stability, shock absorption, and energy return, promoting soundness and reducing the risk of injuries. The fibers within the footing bind with the sand particles, providing a consistent and supportive surface that enhances traction and allows for confident movement. Additionally, GGT footing helps to minimize dust, ensuring a cleaner and healthier environment for both riders and horses. Its superior performance and durability make GGT footing a popular choice among equestrians seeking top-notch arena surfaces. 


Our multi-acre unique equestrian cross-country grass course is a captivating and challenging playground for horse and rider. Nestled within picturesque surroundings, this expansive course offers a diverse range of natural obstacles and terrain features, making it an exhilarating experience for eventing enthusiasts. The course provided a captivating backdrop for riders to test their skills and forge a deep connection with their equine partners. Designed with safety and excitement in mind, the course showcases a combination of solid and inviting obstacles, including logs, natural fences, varying sized jumps and obstacles. The varying heights and technical elements present riders with a range of difficulty levels, catering to both novice and advanced competitors. With its exceptional layout and careful attention to detail, our multi-acre cross-country grass course promises an unforgettable and thrilling ride for equestrians of all levels.


Our impressive covered arena spans an expansive area, measuring 70 feet in width and 150 feet in length. Designed with both functionality and rider comfort in mind, this spacious facility offers ample room for various equestrian activities. Equipped with an advanced overhead watering system, the arena ensures consistent moisture levels, providing optimal footing conditions for horse and rider. This system allows for precise control over the amount of water applied, promoting dust suppression and maintaining a safe and enjoyable riding environment. Additionally, the arena features gutters strategically placed along its perimeter to efficiently manage excess rainwater, preventing pooling and maintaining proper drainage. This thoughtful design element ensures that the arena remains usable even during inclement weather, allowing for uninterrupted training and events. With its generous dimensions, advanced watering system, and effective rainwater management, our covered arena stands as a premier facility for equestrians seeking a top-notch riding experience.


Our equestrian facilities proudly features multiple sand arenas, catering to the diverse needs of riders seeking individual practice, private lessons, and group training. These spacious arenas provide ample room for riders to hone their skills and enjoy focused training sessions. Whether you prefer a quiet atmosphere for personal practice or require a dedicated space for private lessons, our overflow sand arenas offer the perfect setting. Additionally, these arenas are ideal for group training sessions, allowing riders to collaborate, learn from one another, and engage in various equestrian exercises. With well-maintained surfaces, excellent footing, and a range of amenities, our sand arenas provide the versatility and flexibility required to accommodate different training preferences and foster a vibrant equestrian community.