Horse Leasing

Horse leasing is an exciting next step for riders once they have gained confidence and proficiency in independent riding. Leasing a horse offers numerous benefits and opportunities for riders to further enhance their equestrian skills and deepen their connection with these magnificent animals. By leasing a horse, riders have the chance to experience the responsibilities and joys of horse ownership without the full financial commitment. It allows them to develop a consistent partnership with a specific horse, building trust and understanding over time. Horse leasing also provides riders with increased time in the saddle, allowing for more practice and refinement of their riding abilities. Additionally, leasing offers the chance to participate in various equestrian activities such as shows, clinics, and trail rides, further expanding the rider's horizons and experiences. Overall, horse leasing offers a unique and rewarding opportunity for riders to continue their growth and development in the equestrian world.

The Beginner Friendly Horse

We take great pride in offering beginner horses for lease that are specifically selected for their exceptional qualities, making them ideal for confidence-building, learning the fundamentals of walking and trotting, and enjoying recreational riding experiences. Our beginner-friendly horses possess a gentle nature and calm demeanor, providing riders with a sense of security and trust. They are patient and forgiving, understanding the learning process and adapting to the abilities of novice riders. These horses are well-trained to respond to basic cues, allowing beginners to develop their skills while feeling supported and safe. They excel in providing a smooth and comfortable ride, which is crucial for instilling confidence in riders. Our beginner horses are well-versed in trail riding, ensuring enjoyable experiences in various outdoor environments. Their reliability and steady temperament create a positive learning environment, helping riders build their skills and foster a deep connection with their equine partners. With our carefully chosen beginner horses available for lease, we offer the perfect opportunity for riders of all ages and levels of experience to embark on a fulfilling equestrian journey.

The Competition Horse

We are thrilled to provide competition horses for lease, specifically tailored to riders looking to advance their skills in cantering, cross rails, lead changes, and jumping up to 2'. Our competition horses are meticulously selected for their exceptional qualities that contribute to successful show performances. These horses possess a natural talent for jumping and are well-trained in the finer aspects of the sport. They exhibit athleticism, grace, and confidence, inspiring riders to push their boundaries and reach new heights. These horses have a foundation in lead changes and are responsive to subtle aids, allowing riders to refine their cues and develop a harmonious partnership. They excel in navigating cross rails and jumps, offering a secure and enjoyable jumping experience. Our competition horses are seasoned competitors themselves, familiar with the demands of the show ring, and ready to guide riders through their competition journey. With their competitive spirit and exceptional abilities, these horses instill a sense of excitement and motivation in riders, driving them to achieve their goals. With our meticulously selected competition horses available for lease, riders have the opportunity to train and compete alongside exceptional equine partners, propelling their skills and achievements to the next level.     

Some of Our Horses