Alicia DaRosa

Premier Trainer / Director of Facility Management and Horse Care

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Introducing Alicia DaRosa, a highly accomplished and dedicated equestrian professional with over 30 years of experience in hunter jumper lessons, showing and equine care. Alicia has a deep-rooted passion for horses and a wealth of knowledge in the industry. Her extensive background encompasses a wide range of disciplines, including equine care and management, allowing her to excel as a barn manager and trainer.

Alicia's journey began at a young age, where she developed a strong foundation in horsemanship and riding. Over the years, she has honed her skills and gained invaluable experience in training and coaching riders of all levels, from beginners to advanced competitors. Her expertise in hunter jumper disciplines has garnered numerous accolades and successes in the show ring, solidifying her reputation as a trusted mentor and coach.

One of Alicia's defining qualities is her unwavering commitment to equine care and management. She understands the intricate needs of each horse under her care, providing individualized attention and tailored care plans to ensure their well-being and optimal performance. Alicia's deep understanding of equine health, nutrition, and management practices allows her to create a harmonious and thriving environment for both horses and riders.

As a barn manager, Alicia's exceptional organizational skills, attention to detail, and commitment to excellence set her apart. She oversees all aspects of the facility, from daily operations to coordinating lessons, shows, and training programs. Her ability to maintain a safe, clean, and welcoming environment is unmatched, fostering a sense of community and growth for all who enter the barn.

Above all, Alicia's dedication to her clients and their horses is unparalleled. She fosters a supportive and encouraging atmosphere, instilling confidence and helping riders achieve their goals. Alicia's passion for the sport, combined with her vast experience and expertise, makes her a standout barn manager and mentor in the equestrian world.

Michael DiBenedetto

Premier Trainer

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Meet Michael DiBenedetto, a seasoned equestrian with over 25 years of riding experience and a deep passion for overall horsemanship. Hailing from Westchester County, New York, Michael has had the privilege of riding for and training with some of the industry's top professionals, gaining invaluable knowledge and expertise along the way.

Michael thrives on the challenge of identifying and addressing problematic habits, working diligently to improve his clients' overall riding experience. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, he has successfully schooled a diverse range of horses for pleasure, sale, and competition. His extensive experience has honed his skills in hunter seat equitation, with a strong belief in the importance of mastering the fundamentals of riding. Michael understands that a solid foundation is the key to success and strives to instill strong skills in his students through consistent practice and refinement.

Approaching each new situation with a positive and patient attitude, Michael fosters a confident partnership between horse and rider. He recognizes that building trust and understanding is crucial to achieving harmony in the saddle. Every lesson is seen as an opportunity to share his boundless enthusiasm for horses and riding, instilling a love for the sport in his students.

With Michael DiBenedetto as your instructor, you can expect a dedicated and knowledgeable mentor who is committed to helping you reach your full potential. His years of experience, coupled with his patient and positive approach, create an environment where riders can thrive and grow. Embrace the opportunity to learn from a true equestrian professional who is passionate about passing along his expertise and instilling a lifelong love for horses and riding.

Jessica Johnson

Premier Trainer / Trainer / Hunter / Jumper

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Learn More About Jessica

Meet Jessica, a lifelong equestrian whose passion for Hunter/Jumpers has shaped her remarkable journey in the equestrian world. Beginning her riding career at the tender age of 3, Jessica explored various disciplines before discovering her true calling in the world of Hunter/Jumpers.

Under the guidance of esteemed professionals like Lisa Foreman and Pablo Gamboa, Jessica honed her skills and competed regularly at the prestigious AA circuit, participating in the Hunters, Equitation, and Jumper divisions. Her dedication and talent propelled her to compete at the highest level, even reaching the Grand Prix level alongside her trusted equine partner, Intensity.

As a young professional, Jessica established Stone Creek Farm in Wellington, Florida, creating a thriving equestrian venture that traveled to major show circuits. Over time, Stone Creek Farm evolved to include an IEA team, where Jessica had the opportunity to teach and mentor middle school and high school students. Through her guidance, some of her students achieved remarkable success, competing at the Regional and National levels.

While residing in Vero Beach, Jessica continues to share her expertise by training horses and providing lessons. Collaborating with Vero Beach Equestrian Club, she aims to introduce and nurture new riders, fostering their growth and development within the equestrian community.

Jessica's lifelong dedication to horses, coupled with her experience as a competitor, trainer, and entrepreneur, makes her an invaluable asset to the equestrian world. Her unwavering commitment to sharing her knowledge and passion ensures that the equestrian community continues to flourish with skilled riders and well-trained horses.

Sha Sha

Premier Trainer / Hunter / Eventing / Fox Hunting

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Learn More About Sha Sha

Introducing Charlan Thomas, fondly known as "Sha Sha," a dedicated equestrian whose lifelong journey began in the early 1960s at the renowned Woodlawn Stables and Polo Club in Northern Virginia. From the outset, Sha Sha learned the value of hard work and self-sufficiency, as she worked at the stable to earn riding privileges and walked polo ponies during games to fund her entry fees for horse shows. Her first taste of competitive success came in 1964, where she became the champion in the 12 and Under Walk/Trot division at her very first horse show.

In 1965, at the age of 10, Sha Sha became a member of the Woodlawn Pony Club, an affiliate of the United States Pony Clubs, Inc. She attributes a significant portion of her knowledge and riding skills to the exceptional instructors she rode under and the numerous clinics she attended as part of the pony club. Through the pony club, she participated in various events such as 3-Day events, games rallies, and horse shows, where she developed her passion for fox hunting.

Sha Sha's involvement in fox hunting began through the Casanova Hunt, marking the start of a long-lasting connection with this thrilling pursuit. She embraced the excitement of hunter trials, hunter pace races, and even rode in a point-to-point race. At the age of 16, she discovered the remarkable abilities of a little Thoroughbred named "Skeeter" who would jump anything. Together, they competed in jumper shows in Maryland and Virginia, and in 1972, Sha Sha rode Skeeter in the Jr. Open Jumper Division at the prestigious Washington International Horse Show in Washington, DC.

Throughout her life, Sha Sha has maintained her passion for foxhunting, showing, and eventing. Her love for horses extends to rehabilitating off-the-track Thoroughbreds and training horses with various issues. With her wealth of experience and dedication to the equestrian world, Sha Sha continues to contribute to the sport she adores, leaving an indelible mark on the equestrian community.

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Learn More About The Equine Dream Team…….Our Stable Squad

Introducing our esteemed youth riders, who not only excel in the world of equestrianism but also embrace the incredible opportunity to become counselors, mentors, and valued members of our equestrian team. These remarkable individuals embody the perfect blend of talent, leadership, and a deep love for horses.

From an early age, they displayed exceptional riding skills and a natural affinity for connecting with these majestic animals. Their dedication and hard work propelled them to achieve remarkable milestones in their equestrian journey, earning them the admiration and respect of their peers and instructors.

Recognizing their exceptional abilities and unwavering passion, these youth riders were offered the unique chance to become counselors within our equestrian programs. As counselors, they assume roles of responsibility and guidance, serving as mentors to younger riders who are just beginning their equestrian voyage. Through their expertise, patience, and understanding, they foster an environment that nurtures growth, instills confidence, and cultivates a deep respect for the equestrian discipline.

Their impact reaches far beyond the stables. As mentors, counselors, and team members, they actively engage in community outreach programs, sharing their knowledge and experiences with others. They are role models who inspire younger generations to pursue their equestrian dreams, teaching them the values of dedication, sportsmanship, and empathy towards horses.