We have a proven track record of success with riders of all experience levels and aspirations. Join TEAM VBEC.

  • Beginner Lessons - 1 hr - $100

    When it comes to English and Western Riding lessons, our facility is unparalleled, offering an exceptional experience that positions us as the best in the treasure coast. One of our greatest assets is our large herd of well trained lesson horses and ponies, well-suited for riders of all levels. This means that aspiring riders can progress and develop their skills without the need to purchase their own horse. We take immense pride in providing the best equipment and facilities, including our sprawling 60-acre property and a multitude of riding arenas, including a state-of-the-art covered arena. These top-notch amenities create an optimal environment for training in any weather condition. Safety is of paramount importance to us, and we go to great lengths to maintain a secure and supportive environment for our riders. We are dedicated to the success of our riders and have developed programs tailored to support their unique riding journey. Our experienced instructors guide and mentor riders, providing personalized attention and encouragement along the way. We welcome all levels of riders, children and adult riders.  

    Classes range from the most basic elements to the intermediate level with the highest quality training. Our standard 1 hour private lesson is $100. Group lessons are available after assessment for placement. 

    Our phone number is 772 226 0376 to learn more and book your lessons.

  • Advanced Student Riding Lessons - 1 hr -$100

    We are thrilled to offer intermediate and advanced horseback riding lessons tailored to riders seeking to enhance their skills and take their equestrian journey to the next level. Our lessons provide a unique opportunity to work with our well-trained lesson horses, which are adept at lead changes, cantering, navigating cross rails, and jumping up to 2". With our experienced instructors by your side, you'll receive personalized guidance and instruction, focusing on refining your technique, building confidence, and improving your overall performance. Whether you aspire to compete, expand your jumping abilities, or simply advance your horsemanship skills, our intermediate and advanced lessons offer a supportive environment to help you achieve your goals. Join us for an enriching and rewarding experience as you further develop your riding capabilities alongside our talented lesson horses. Our standard 1 hour private lesson is $100. Group lessons are available after assessment for placement. Our phone number is 772 226 0376 to learn more and book your lessons.

  • Horsemanship - 1/2 hr - $65

    In this non-mounted horsemanship lesson, you'll embark on a journey of building a strong bond with these majestic creatures. Under the guidance of a skilled instructor, you'll learn the fundamentals of handling, grooming, and tacking up the horse. Understanding their body language and behavior will be emphasized, creating a safe and respectful environment for both you and the horse.
    The lesson will progress at a comfortable pace, allowing you to gain confidence in controlling and communicating with the horse.
    Throughout the session, the instructor will share insights into the horse's anatomy, care, and health, fostering a deeper appreciation for these magnificent creatures. Whether you are a beginner seeking to connect with horses for the first time or an experienced rider honing your skills, this horsemanship lesson promises a rewarding experience in the company of these gentle and intelligent animals. Our phone number is 772 226 0376 to learn more and book your lessons.

  • Private Group Lessons/Birthday Party Lessons

    We believe in creating unforgettable memories through the magic of horseback riding. Our intimate group horseback riding lessons are designed to cater to smaller, more personalized gatherings, making them perfect for a variety of occasions, including children's birthday parties. With an emphasis on horsemanship and horse care, we offer a unique and educational adventure that blends fun and learning.

    We understand that not all groups are the same, and that's why we offer a customized approach to our horseback riding experiences. Whether you're celebrating a child's birthday, organizing a family outing, or simply seeking a unique adventure with friends, our team is dedicated to tailoring the experience to your specific needs and preferences. For a fee of $100 per guest, this inclusive pricing covers the cost of the lesson, the use of our well-trained horses & equipment, and expert guidance from our experienced instructors.

  • Schooling / Trailer-In

    We are excited to extend an invitation to outside riders who are looking for an exceptional riding experience. Our facility offers the opportunity to ride on our cross-country course, utilize the covered arena, explore our scenic hacking trails, and even bring your horse for a change of scenery. For a fee of $65 per rider, riders can enjoy our top-notch amenities and expansive riding areas for a two hour block. To ensure the safety and well-being of all participants, we require reservations in advance, a negative coggins test for each horse, and a signed release form. If a trainer accompanies the rider, proof of insurance is also necessary. We strive to provide a welcoming environment for riders to train, school, and enjoy quality time with their equine partners. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to explore our facility and make unforgettable memories with your horse.