Corporate Leadership and Equine Assisted Leadership Programs

The Barn to the Boardroom

Equine Assisted Leadership Programs
A challenging, fun experience where your team members gain personal insights and learn new ways to work together to make your workplace more effective, satisfying, and rewarding.
Vero Beach Equestrian Club offers full-service learning experiences customized to your organization’s unique requirements. Through a detailed discovery process of in-depth conversations, we develop a customized proposal designed to help your team achieve its goals. ​

Then, we develop unmounted activities with the horses to challenge the team’s verbal and nonverbal communication, creative thinking, and problem-solving. Essential patterns emerge with the horses, mirroring the team dynamic. We process the experience with the team and allow their insights and metaphors to emerge.

Equine Assisted Leadership Programs are at the cutting edge of skillset training, team building, and corporate development.

Participants will be immersed in a whole-body action learning experience with horses to apply and reflect on their teamwork abilities and awareness practically. In essence, working with horses provides an opportunity to bring out the best in ourselves, each other, and the team as a whole. 

Why Horses:
The way individuals interact and react with horses is similar to how they interact with their clients, customers, peers, and workgroups. People interpret horse behavior/emotions through the lens of their perception. How they interpret, horses can often be a metaphor for their work, attitudes, and relationships.

What Happens in a Corporate Leadership Program:
Equine Assisted Leadership Programs are an experiential approach that fosters real, lasting change. It is a unique opportunity beyond traditional leadership programs to restore balance in people’s lives while teaching critical thinking, clear communication, and social skills. A typical event involves activities on the ground with the horses (there is no riding). Clients are actively involved with the horses, providing vast opportunities for metaphorical learning as participants experience how their actions and responses impact their lives. It is a
powerful and effective approach that has a lasting impact on individuals and groups. Prior horse experience is not necessary to benefit from this program.

Please choose from one of our Powerful Leadership Experiences.

Essential Experience
The Essential Experience allows your team to have an introductory two-hour experience in Equine Assisted Leadership. This experience is ideal for teams seeking a better understanding of team dynamics, underlying causes of inefficiency, and other challenges to maximum productivity. 

Advanced Experience
The Advanced Experience option gives your team a half-day 4- hour experience and will integrate Equine Assisted Leadership and other Team Building experiences.

Premium Experience
Take your corporate outing to the next level and enjoy a full day of Premium services. Teams will have a complete experience that will include Equine Assisted Leadership and accommodations to relax and enjoy our stunning farm property and a five-star meal.