Discover Horses: A Family Friendly Horse Adventure

Discover Horses a Family Friendly Horse Adventure

Discover Horses: A Family Friendly Horse Adventure 

Join us on an intimate equestrian farm adventure. You will learn about these domesticated odd-toed ungulate mammals in an interactive program that teaches you the basics about horses and farm life. You can immerse yourself in the pastures and barns as you get to Hug, Kiss, Rub, Pet, and get up-close to the horses in this heartwarming program. Partake in an opportunity to be whisked away by their larger than life personalities and their equine activities. 


  • A 15-30 minute farm presentation prior to meeting the horses.
  • A 60-90 minute equestrian experience including touching, grooming, playing and training with a horse. 
  • A 15-30 minute equestrian activity to commemorate your time with Vero Beach Equestrian Club 
  • Personal photo opportunities with a horse.
  • Each Farm Adventure is unique, based upon the guests and horses
  • 6 participants maximum per session
  • Open 365 Days a Year