Pony Play Dates

Pony Play Dates: A Program for 3 and 4 year olds to learn about horses, riding and to make friends. 

Have you been looking for an out door engaging activity for your curious super star?

Does your little one love animals and horses?
Have you missed meeting new parents with children of the same age?
Is it time to start engaging and making new friends?
We Have The Perfect Solution.
A 1 hour engaging and interacting program for up to 4 children per instructor and pony. Build the excitement at home, come out and begin to build the fundamentals of horsemanship and riding. Share a coffee or juice box with another mom or dad......and be off in time to get home for lunch and nap time.
The program will be starting soon targeting a 10am start. The class includes a 4 punch pass for $200.
For more information, please email/call verobeachequestrianclub@gmail.com 772 226 0376